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Monday, July 24, 2023

1/35 scale Greek island frame diorama

As the title states, the idea is based on the Greek islands
white houses and the summer holidays. Materials used: Plastic,
cardboard, metal, wood, glass, resin.



Sunday, June 25, 2023

Cyberpunk 1/32 scale diorama

As a fan of fantasy - sci fi movies like "The ghost in the shell" or "Bladerunner" , I

was always intrigued by the dystopian but colorful images ( due to many ads ) of the

future cities. So I decided to create a little scene with a rogue desperate android with

a not so happy ending. Most of the elements will be scratchbuilt, from the ads to the

droids. Maybe a couple of humans will be included ( these will be 3d prints ).



Up on the rock under the oak shadow

 I got a cardboard base for placing tortillas in it and thought, what the heck, let's build a dio

on top of it. This was filled with polystyrene foam to become more sturdy and I sculpted

some rocks using blue insulation foam. Everything is scratch built at 1/160 scale.



The source of life

 This 1/35 diorama was inspired by a photo that I found in the .NET.

The base is custom made from solid wood.

Lucky find diorama

 This 1/32 scale diorama depicts a pair of 2 lucky pigeons that found a thrown away bag with food.

Everything scratchbuilt except the birds. The base is an ice cream lid.

Hello kitty frame diorama

 This diorama was a fun and fast project for me. Scale is 1/35.



Abandoned shack frame diorama finished

 These are the photos of the finished diorama.