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Saturday, March 8, 2014

Long time long see.....

I believe that I totally neglected my blog, so time for an update. I spent my time in different projects just for practicing and testing. So here is an image that inspired me to try building something mainly out of paper. It 's a concept image from the video game Resident Evil 4.

So I started building the whole scene. Hopefully this will be completed to a small dio at 1/144 scale.

The first to go is the small wooden hut. For this I used 1.5 mm heavy cardboard for the inner structure and canson paper for the outer boards ,  that it was pre stained before I sliced it.

Here is the rough side of the paper . This is better for larger scales.

This is the smoother side , the side I prefer for my purpose. This is an enlarged image to help everyone understand the difference.

After random staining with heavy diluted acrylics.....

Slicing the paper to create the wooden boards and gluing them with diluted white glue on the heavy cardboard...

...and the finished product. The roof is printed paper of rusted corrugated sheet, cut in small pieces and glued individually. After that, I rusted them furthermore with oils. The "boards" received washes and dirt with diluted acrylics. The windows are Tichy.

The small warehouse was made by the thinner wooden boards I had, because I wanted to look just like the one at the 1st photo. The roof is from the same material as the hut.

Finally a couple of dead trees, made out of real small sized branches and twisted wire glued together with CA glue. Some diluted wall putty for texture and......

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