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Thursday, April 24, 2014

The New Moebius Battlestar Galactica. First Look.....

My latest model purchase, the TOS Battlestar GAlactica , is at my hands. Inside the - small I believe - box
there are 6 bags with 7 sprues, the main pieces of the model separately , all in white cream plastic, a piece
of clear plastic for the backside of the engines , decals for every ship of the class ( a theme that is questionable ) but with wrong fonts, an image of a Ralph McQuarrie 's concept art, a 16 pages guide for
completing the model, and an iron cylinder so you can mount it on a base.The assembly looks straightforward and simple, the plastic is a bit thick and this may be a problem for drilling with very small drill
bits for any Fiber Optics that aid the lighting of the model. The size of the model is almost 45 cm and is identical to old Monogram-Revell Battlestar, but with better shape and detailing. It's an easy model for someone with little modelling experience, yet a fine base for superdetailing. Some details are oversized because I believe that Moebius wanted simplicity for the molds. Anyway many things can be corrected and the model is at a fair price for what it offers.


I am participating with this model in a GB in our modelling forum that is to finish at 31 May. I hope that I will have a lot of progress until then.

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