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Saturday, May 2, 2015

Viking Knarr 9th century N scale Part 2 and crew

In this part I will cover the painting of the boat along with some N scale Preiser converted figures to look like northmen of the 9th century. First the ship.

Primed with Vallejo grey primer Spray....

And the figures too. They were converted using wood putty as experiment with bits of plastic melted with liquid glue for unifying the surface. I believe they came out pretty good considering my inability of sculpting figures, he he. Their cloaks made from masking tape, the helmets and swords from plasticard. They were train station personnel if I recall correct.

The way I choose to paint the wooden structure of the ship is diluted colors to let see through the layers for the most realistic results. First Modelmaster sand.

Then a heavy wash with Burnt Umber artists oil followed by a heavy drybrush with Molac Brown Yellow.

The model was airbrushed with a mix of mat and gloss Windsor acrylic varnish to protect the previous work. After 24 hours it was painted with diluted and non diluted Raw Umber artists oil to imitate the old wood. Tamiya Flat Earth acrylic highly diluted was airbrushed at the external parts of the model to lighten the colors as they looked too dark. 5-6 hours later with a mixture of heavy filter of Burnt Sienna and Burnt Umber I repeated the process inside and more heavily outside. I believe that a satin varnish could enhance the look of the wood. So the model is at this state :

Finished the painting of the mast and sail and the figures also. They need some mat varnish to kill the glossy spots. :)

Made some homemade test casts of the wooden barrels that I 'm gonna use as the main cargo.

The model is 85% completed. The rest is rigging, details - anchor, oars, threads - and the cargo of course.

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