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Sunday, June 14, 2015

An N scale dio as a base...

I wanted to create a base for a couple of old and abused freight cars , i.e. the Lifelike 3dome tank car ( remember it from a previous diorama design? ) and a yellow Union Pacific box car. I decided for the second to remove the wheels and add timbers as bases, so it resembles a small warehouse.

The building was created as a background but it evolved during the construction. It's made out of cardboard for the inner structure and printed brick sheets that I 've worked a bit at photoshop for the first stage of weathering. Wood putty was used for covering the seams and for adding some concrete texture on the cardboard. Some items - the windows, the rusted crane on the rooftop etc. - are there just for the photography and not glued yet. Some details are still missing.

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