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Saturday, October 3, 2015

"Eat your veggies" dio finished

I made a change of plans and decided to add a bit of humor to my zombie apocalypse diorama. NO living things except the vegetation and everything dusty and abandoned. I 'm afraid Rick and Carl will have to wait for my next P.A. dio.

Some conversion of the initial design of the billboard...

The base of the billboard and the diorama. Wood putty for the "cement" cardboard and wall putty for the ground with some N scale ballast. Cork for the base and the rocks. Sandpaper ( 150 & 400 ) for the road.

 Before adding grass and bushes. I prefer to design with oil color the underneath of these to create the illusion of a fully grown up nature. After finishing the bushes I make darker the area beneath them with raw umber oil to create the illusion of shadows.

The figures have been reworked with oils for highlights and shadows. The sign is a personal composition at photoshop. Much of the painting is done with diluted oils and wet on wet technique. Here 's the finished project :


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