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Saturday, November 12, 2016

Some hard working freight cars

Some time ago I opened a box with N scale freight cars and picked 4 of them to use them as objects for my weathering experiments. 2 were made xtremely rusty as I wanted to put them in a Post Apocalyptic Nuclear holocaust diorama. As I changed my plans only one made it in the dio. More about that in the future. This post is about the other 3. Made a custom base for all of them and attended at IPMS NAtionals where they won a silver each at Masterclass "Trains non working all scales".

 Atlas Western Maryland covered hopper.Apart the weathering I replaced the trucks-couplers with Microtrains sets on this one. This one is for sale , just visit my Ebay page.

The second one, an Atlas also Boxcar. Changed the company to C&O with Microscale decals and airbrushing the Heralds.

The 3d one is a cheap Bev Bel Evans High Cube 50' Boxcar. It started its life as a Western Maryland. I striped all the paint, replaced the lower step of the ladders with thin brass rod and corrected the problem of the floor that these models have: The front sits higher of the back and vice versa. Also made it to look heavy just like the original. Body mount Microtrains couplers and Microscale decals.

All 3 of them are currently on auction in my Ebay page.

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