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Monday, April 28, 2014

Time for an update....

.....with the bridge section of the kit that is the worst piece I believe in the whole model.
The detail and the shape of it is definitely wrong and it is the first thing that catches the eye attention.
First row of photos as it was before.

So after careful trimming of the detail and the underside, I added strips of styrene so it could stand with the gap underneath. The plastic was very thick for my drill, so with my dremel I thinned it from inside to make life easier.I will follow this procedure everywhere I need to add F.O. Some detail that resembles the original was glued in places and the piece is ready.

For the backside of the bridge, after an attempt that was fine , yet larger than I expected ( photo 1-2 ) I turned to a single piece of styrene that was trimmed and shaped and a piece  of a gun mount from the kit Dragon 1/700 Livermore-Monssen that seemed OK with some trimming again.

With many many plasticard pieces, plastic rod etc etc I added details on the upper and portside section of the  "head" to look more realistic.Some details removed, others thinned down and new panel lines scribed in places. I also corrected the "Marder" , by closing the upper holes, drilling new ones and adding some detailing all around.The first 6 images are from before and the others after my work.

...and the results follow.....

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