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Wednesday, August 27, 2014

The concept of the abandoned warehouse diorama and the process

So as I mentioned in my previous post, I 'm gonna show some photos of the
way I 'm bringing this dio to "life". The building, the base, the accessories etc.

First the building. The 2nd attempt was the one that I kept. Foamboard for
the inner structure and printed brick wall for the outside. Windows and door
from T.T.G. Rusted corrugated sheet out off printed paper with oils for further
rusting.At first they curl from the moisture of the diluted white glue but you can
press them down firmly afterwards.After everything dried, a couple of essential
passes with acrylic matt varnish Winsor & Newton. I have to do this because I
don't print the facades or anything else on an inkjet printer. I 'm using a color
photocopy machine with 100gr. paper so I can achieve better and cleaner details,
but the outcome is kind of glossy. It's cheaper also if you pay for some A4 printed
pages than using your printer color for 300 dpi images.

It's not finished yet.

Windows glazing from a woman's accessory package. ;)

Then the base. Foamboard, cork and a couple of scrap tracks. They will be mostly covered.

For unifying everything and for adding texture I used diluted wall putty. Then some very fine
dirt and non diluted wall putty using an old brush and vertical striking before it sets for more texture
in scale. 

 Grey spray primer from Vallejo

Using Evergreen strips I created some scratchbuild wooden
pallets. The toothpick for size comparison purposes.

I Airbrused some
earth, concrete and rust basic tones and I permanently glued the building down. Changed also
the door for an older appearance and added a printed sign.

Next comes ballasting, and greens.


  1. Excellent use of cork. You've done a great job showing how versatile it is!

  2. Thanks a lot. Yeah , the surface of the cork is ideal for creating old and decayed surfaces, like old roads, simple or stone walls etc. The sky is the limit.