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Monday, September 29, 2014

"End of the line" derelict diorama finished!!!!

After replacing the fore and aft ladders and railings with rod, Tichy brakes and 1/200 Plastruct ladders ( Unfortunately I didn't have any P.E. of that kind ) which I trimmed at every side to make them thinner, I painted them with a red enamel and treated them the same way of weathering with the rest of the car. They were attached on it with cyano and the caboose was ready. Some branches and foliage at the front ladder to make it look trapped in nature and the retired vehicle took it's part on the dio. Some details here and there, a couple of light passes with mat varnish and photos to follow......

Now I have to put it on a decent base. I will take some overall shots later, with a photo background.


  1. One of the best dios i've ever seen. Top class build and aesthetics,congratulations!

  2. Thanks a lot, stay tuned for more!!!!!