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Wednesday, September 24, 2014

A Container Story

These are the stages of painting my scratchbuilt container for my Dio. First I primed it with Vallejo spray grey primer and put it aside in a dustfree box.

I used as a base color Tamiya mat black, XF-64 Red Brown and Hobby color H47 Red Brown in a random pattern and let them dry thorough so I could start safely the salt way of weathering. 

With a brush I made random spots with water and sprinkled them with salt, both crashed and thin to obtain multiple results. The main color is a bit light - Tamiya XF-23 Light Blue - so I could tone it down a bit with the weathering. With a mixture of that and white I faded it at many spots and let it dry. The next day I removed the salt mask and started washes and pin washes with oils. Raw Umber for grime, Raw and Burnt Sienna for the rust.

I will spray it later with mat varnish to make everything completely flat. It 's a bit over rusty but I wanted it to fit in the whole concept of abandonment. God I love rusty models.

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