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Friday, September 19, 2014

"End of the line" dio continues

Here is an update as I promised.
After thorough search for my 3 dome rusty tank and the container I 've scratched months ago I could not locate where did I stored them. So I will continue with the caboose that I 've weathered further with washes and tones of dust, rust, grime etc with oils and acrylics. I 'm thinking of scratchbuilding the front and back part with the ladders, the bars and the brakes ( the original are too thick and flat ). The warehouse gained more rust on its roof and walls ( some tones of dust also ) and  more bushes and nature added along with details of garbage, more left over papers and dry leaves out of trimmed oregano. I built a couple of trees ( a small one almost dead with very few green spots and a bigger one that is an oak ) and scratchbuilt a new container as these that I 've purchased a couple of years ago are some bad copies of resin. I keep adding layers and layers of colors on many spots so I can achieve depth. There is a spot on the roof that looks like an old repair work. This is done with canson paper like the hut for my Res. Evil dio ( see post ) as my 1st attempt with the thinner wooden planks I have, looked overscale. Of course with one car I had to change the general concept so I 'm planning to add and a homeless guy from Preiser Range. I 'm thinking also of using a small sign instead of the pole because the branches will interfere with the wires.

Time for some photos.....

A lot of work to do to say it's completed.

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