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Friday, November 7, 2014

The man and his ride part I.

So I started a new project ( many others in progress ) , after checking my figure stash for a "Walking Dead 1/72 Zombie Diorama. The Italeri 1/72 set contains many interesting poses and themes for a lot of diorama needs. This is the kit

And here is a review and photos from the figures - - >
The diorama is inspired from the "Rage" video game that it's settled at the year 2135 after an asteroid impact that put civilization on stasis. There is technology with primitive tribes of mutants and survivors settlements.

I used the second figure from the left for the conversion that wears a chemical warfare suit ( most appropriate for a Post Apocalyptic environment) and holds a canister for collecting useful items. Tamiya masking tape for the straps, the weapon, the back sack and the water canister from Preiser and the rest from evergreen that I trimmed to shape. The weapon needs some more work to resemble a more advanced machine gun.

The car is based on these images 

From a pack of 20 cars at S scale that had a low cost and at the same time very low quality I picked a Merc coupe to convert it to look kinda like the upper images but not exactly the same. The wheels are from the Italei 1/72 Kubelwagen that were glued back to back after trimming the back sides. The chassis is from the Esci 1/72 25 pdr tractor and the seats from an old italeri UH-34 Helicopter. The rest is scratchbuild and pieces from my spare box. The car needed a lot of sanding due to some bad details, especially at the sides and the thick plastic under of the roof.

I think I 'm gonna replace the bands of masking tape on the excaust pipes with something more appropriate.

                                                                 More to come......

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