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Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Zombie Apocalypse pt.01

Inspired by the TV series "The Walking Dead" ( How cool is that ??? ) and the 4th season I decided to build a diorama at 1/87 scale so I can use figures that easily "describe" the character they are representing ( Rick , Carl , walkers etc. ) in a scale with many options for cars and without having to sacrifice a lot of space. For this task I 'm using the 16343 Preiser set of " Passers-by and spectators " , a couple of Busch vehicles that have a small cost ( we 're goin' here for some abandoned ones so no need for the best - and very expensive - cars ) , a Ratio HO/OO 501 "Grounded coach body" with some modifications and scratchbuilding to represent an old American highway diner building and some details that I will figure out during the construction.


So I started with the figures, by altering heads, hands and poses, to match the look I 'm up to. Some details like the guns of Rick and Carl were done with Evergreen plasticard, the texture on the walkers by scraping the plastic of the "clothes" and bodies , adding some plastic on places to look rotten and eaten and using Humbrol liquid glue to blend them on the figures. The dark figure is from a Preiser set of Nato soldiers.

The basic painting and "weathering" of the figures is done, but I still need to add depth and richness with more tones and variations.

They look quite odd but mind that they are zoomed in here and look a lot bigger than they are in reality ( more than twice the size ). That 's all for now, see yah.

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