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Thursday, January 22, 2015

Zombie Apocalypse pt.02

I made some progress on the figures and one of the vehicles ( I 'm thinking about using only 1 to keep the size of the dio small and focus the attention of the viewer rather than wandering around ). After some filters, repainting details , highlights and spray with mat varnish they are close to completion. Some need more "live" blood - i.e. gloss varnish on points - and I will close this chapter soon. The station wagon was airbrushed with highly diluted Modelmaster Africa Dunkelgrau '42 from above to immitate the dust on the upper surfaces.

After I saw the photos I scrapped the bandage from Rick's leg 'cause it looked too thick. I 'm gonna use something else than thin thread. During the process I broke the left hand from the wrist down and lost it in space. He 's gonna need a prosthetic surgery.  :)

Before airbrushing I sanded the upper surfaces of the car and a bit of the sides to have something for the paint to bite. The "glass" was airbrushed from the outside, first with mat varnish and then with the diluted Dunkelgrau.

Still alot of work to be done.

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